hi i'm christy!
i like movies and i don't post often

I don’t even know what clan you’re from

Anonymous asked: hey! are you able to recommend some films with the theme of discovery? i'm trying to think outside of what is common (like life of pi, into the wild) because i'm doing an essay on this theme and i need a visual text but a lot of people are doing those aforementioned films

Self discovery? or like. world discovery? 
with self discovery you could use any coming of age film, tbh! like Stand By Me or the Goonies. or even 400 Blows. You could also use films that kind of delve into the inner psyche of human kind like idk, 2001, for example. Gravity could work as well? 
Pan’s Labrynth would be a good one. for world discovery and story telling and the discovery that comes from that? or Labyrinth!!!!  

i have no idea if this is what you’re looking for

Zayn Malik | Where We Are Tour
FOXBORO, MA | 8.8.14 

Michael Pitt and Winona Ryder for rag & bone F/W 2014


night talking, sleep walking

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for rcrash like thunder. 

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Anonymous asked: has anything happened between you and train boy? like have you hung out/talked? (:

we were talking for a good while but it kind of just petered out! i was going to go see him the past weekend but i was way to busy moving and by then we hadn’t texted in a week SO 
whatevvsss. im not bothered by it.